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The pedigree of the talent lending a hand to The Breath on their debut is impressive enough to warrant notice. Carry Your Kin was mixed by Tchad Blake, the innovative engineer-producer for Los Lobos and The Latin Playboys, and the studio-la... Read more

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Two of the most respected rock artists of their era, Sting and Peter Gabriel, will co-headline the Marcus Amphitheater Sunday, July 10, as part of a large tour planned for this summer. Their "Rock Paper Scissors" tour, which reunites the headlines.. Read more

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Peter Gabriel rejoined Genesis—for an interview, not an album or a tour. Gabriel satdown with Phil Collins, Tony Banks and company to answer questions for BBC-TVdocumentary, released with previously unseen footage as Sum of the Parts on DVDand.. Read more

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Stephanie Szostak plays with the slightly shy charm of a Millennial Audrey Hepburn in a fetching performance as Ro, a young woman navigating life’s turns and pursuing her dreams. Karl Geary plays Kevin, a bored ad executive who tosses cauti... Read more

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 Peter Gabriel prefaces his concert documentary, Back to Front—Live in London , with a fewthoughts about masks. In Western society masks are seen as objects ofconcealment, but in other cultures they can be tools of revelation. He ca.. Read more

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Theater was born in ancient Athens in amphitheaters much like the one overlooking the city where this hit-filled concert was recorded. Peter Gabriel brought rock theater to an exceptional level in staging, lighting, choreography and gesture... Read more

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 PeterGabriel was the star that did everything possible to monkey wrench his stardom,refusing even the basic step of titling his first four albums because thatwould seem too much like advertising, he explained. Gabriel had hits anyway,but hi.. Read more

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<p> Peter Gabriel broke ground staging <em>The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway</em> on tour with Genesis in the '70s. Since then, every rinky-dink arena rock band has deployed lights, video and indoor fireworksoften to wrap threadbare performances in .. Read more

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Former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel will headline the Marcus Amphitheater on Summerfest's opening night, Wednesday, June 29, the festival announced this morning. The 61-year-old prog-rock founding father will be backed by the New Blood Orchestra, .. Read more

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One-time Milwaukee resident Peter Buffett—the son of power-investor Warren Buffett—has been recording pop and new age albums since the late ’80s, but has found the most success composing material for film and television. His Read more

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Hey Becky, it’s your birthday. Yay! Congratulations lady friend. You are 27 today. Oh my God, you are like so old. Jk. Lol. But, seriously. It’s your day. You call the shots. Whatever you want to do, it will happen. If you want to go out fo... Read more

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When you cross thethreshold of a Neroli Spa, the world outside becomes a distant memory. You canlose yourself in the tranquil treatment rooms while you indulge your body,del,Best of Milwaukee 2009 Read more

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Though the Swedish disco-pop band ABBA broke up decades ago, the ABBA brand is perhaps stronger than ever, thanks to the continued success of the ABBA musical Mamma Mia!, its movie adaptation and multiple tribute acts like ABBA Mania. Found... Read more

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America needed women to fill the places left by men called into the service in World War I In For Repairs, ,Art Read more

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Although no one noticed at the time, the world was changed one night in 1980. The geopolitical balance began to shift when Charles Wilson, a wily if undistinguished Congressman from Texas, looked up from his hot tub in a Las Vegas suite, where he.. Read more

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December 13, 2007 Theversion of Genesis that recently wrapped up a North American Laurin Fedora—is that your real name? ,Concert Reviews Read more

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