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On Milwaukee power electronics maestro Peter J. Woods’ Today Is Horrible, the music’s largely low-key nature reflect the insidiousness, paranoia and, simmering disquietude of the concepts he assays. more

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Peter J Woods’ new series of electronic shows and workshops puts the focus on women in experimental music. more

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When Peter J. Woods wasn't manipulating gadgetry residing in what looked to be a couple of hollowed out Gideons' Bibles, he rode a thick knife blade over stringed instruments such as a zither or rolled a metal cup and saucer over them. more

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Over the last decade or so, Peter J. Woods has been doing some really interesting stuff onstage. Some of the most interesting abstract theater in town has come from the man behind work for now defunct theatre companies Pink Banana and Insurg.. more



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The end of the year is always so completely stuffed with retreaded sentiment. There’s something to be said for the sentimental warmth and emotional comfort of familiar tradition that echoes through every aspect of the holidays.But let’s say.. more



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Canadian punks Single Mothers brought the heat on a bill that doubled as a release show for Milwaukee's Midwives. more

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These are hard times for noise music festivals. Noise fests around the Midwest have been shrinking or scaling back their lineups, and the country’s largest noise festival, more

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  Sameuel Beckett's Rockaby is the kind of dark piece that ideally traps an audience inside the skull of an old woman waiting to die. It's a very, very haunting piece when executed in the right way. At month's end, experimental playwright and a.. more


Experimental noise artist and playwright Peter J. Woods is doing some frightfully interesting stuff. Has been doing so for quite some time. Experimental artists operating outside established university structures don’t often get a whole lot of r.. more


Inside Job recounts the many steps—and leaps in logic—leading to the economic meltdown of 2008. The global crisis was sparked by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and AIG and fueled by the toxic ideology of Milton Friedman and his economic ... more

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Minneapolis producer Ryan Olson and Adam Hurlburt and Zach Coulter of the electro-rock band Solid Gold invited a diverse cast of friends and collaborators to help them record Gayngs’ inaugural album, one that included Bon Iver’s Justin... more

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When Exile on Main Street was released in 1972, some critics and fans were puzzled. Much of the double LP by the Rolling Stones, unrivaled as the world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band once the Beatles had dissolved, struck them as a bloody more

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In the winter Sabathia leftas a free agent for the mega-money of the New York Yankees, an The Milwaukee Brewers began the 2009 seasonconfidently. Six months earlier they had reach ,Sports more

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Anyone living in Milwaukee in the '60s and old enough to be aware will recall a time of sh The Selma of the North: Civil Rights Insurgency in Milwaukee ,Books more


Since their “MMMBop” 15-minutes expired and their label did the inevitable, dr Strong Enough to Break ,Today in Milwaukee more

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