Peter Sellers

Richard Lester directed The Beatles’ madcap movies, A Hard Day’s Night and Help, and went on to make several British comedies in the 1960s. They were shot through with the mordant surrealism he picked up while working with Peter Sellers in ... Read more

Home Movies

If the Coen Brothers’ 2004 remake of The Lady Killers served any purpose, it was to alert audiences unfamiliar with the 1955 original. The earlier Lady Killers was produced by Ealing Studios, which excelled during the ‘50s with droll English com.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Though comics are still considered kids stuff in some circles, the majority of comic books produced today are not really aimed at children but rather adult readers, which is not surprising when examining the history of the medium. Before th... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

All right, let's face it: 2008 wasn't a great year. An unending procession of bad news abo five ,Cover Story Read more

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