It looked like a great series when the Brewers' schedule came out last fall: the star-packed Phillies in four games at Miller Park, echoing the 2008 playoffs and perhaps previewing a rematch in October... more

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It was looking so easy for the Brewers. Their five-week, 27-5 eruption set them up comfortably for a division title, a first-round playoff series against wild-card Atlanta and, presumably, a showdown with mighty Philadelphia for the Nationa... more

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Phillies land Cliff LeePhiladelphia got Cliff Lee and OF BenFrancisco from Cleveland in exchange for four minor leaguers - asingle-A RH, and a triple-A pitcher, catcher and SS.The deal is pending medicals.Seattle and Pittsburgh in 7-player dealT.. more

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Looking ahead at the upcoming weekend, I can’t help but notice that I seem to have overlooked much mention of Pink Banana’s new showa production of the 1992 drama Someone Who'll Watch Over Me by Irish playwright Frank McGinnis. . . in the rush of .. more

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At first glance it was a bleak weekend for At first glance it was a bleak weekend for Wisconsin’s top football teams. The Badge ,Sports more

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It’s difficult for me to see a problem with the tangential issue of Barack Obama’s loose association with Weather Underground guy Bill Ayers years ago, particularly as the activity of that group seemed more like a group of revolutionaries than ter.. more

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Team IntrosMore introsBoth teamsNice sign, dude!I like the way that looks!I took as many "proof this really happened" pics as I couldOwner Mark Attanasio's dad, an actor, sang the National Anthem more

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Game 4 is on!Yay we wonPost game untuckingBob Uecker threw out the ceremonial first pitchJust about under wayFirst pitchBilly just handed off the ball and we're about to get startedStupid camera dude wouldn't move off the painted part.Heading out .. more

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The Brewers continue to battle the Philadelphia Phillies today after successfully avoiding elimination at Miller Park yesterday. Winning today's game will send our hometown heroes back to Philadelphia on Tu,Today in Milwaukee more

Oct 5, 2008 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Brewers take on the Philadelphia Phillies tonight at a 7:05 Miller Park gam The End Is Begun ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Milwaukee Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals Tony N Tina’s Wedding ,This Week in Milwaukee Sports more

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