The Brewers claimed 25-year-old infielder Jeff Bianchi off waivers from the Cubs this week. Bianchi was only Cubs property for a month, as they had claimed him from waivers from the Royals.KC drafted him in 2005. He's spent the last six years in .. more

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Ok, so going to the media and calling another team names isn’t exactly the most mature way to handle things, but despite Brandon Phillips playground tactics, well – he’s got a point.  And the ensuing comments and brawl from the Cardinals have go.. more

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They warn that probing this sensitive history will compromise intelligence operations and The Washington Independent ,News Features more

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The Milwaukee Rep takes on the most popular of all of Jane Austen’s romantic comedies tonight for it’s latest production, Pride and Prejudice, which premieres tonight with a preview performance at 7:30 p.m. Grant Goodman, an actor who h,Tod... more

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March 25, 2008 I know and respect Nik Kovac. He is a good friend and a true progress Mass Appeal ,Letters more

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With the murder of Miller Brewing executive Lodewikus“Vic” Milford in Walker& Shepherd ,News Features more

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