Covering his subject in nearly 700 pages, Oxford’s A.C. Graying can certainly be credited for the scope of his achievement as well as his ambition in this accessible work. Read more


Oxford professor finds many ways to understand our universe. Read more


One doesn’t have to agree with all points in Doing Philosophy to enjoy the author’s unusually clear exposition on philosophical methods. Read more


In Hiking with Nietzsche, we learn about the allure of philosophy—and a good deal about Friedrich Nietzsche, whose ideas on order, chaos and tragedy are given clear exegesis. Read more


New book uncovers the links between Martin Heidegger and Nazism. Read more

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Philosopher and essayist Jim Holt writes lucidly and with humor as he rambles through a universe of topics for which definitive answers remain elusive. Read more


Lives of the Eminent Philosophers written circa 200 CE by Diogenes Laertius receives a beautifully produced new translation that includes artwork inspired by those philosophers over many centuries and cultures. Read more


In the pantheon of musicians whose artistic legacies hinge almost entirely on just one album, Jonathan Richman is right up there with The Violent Femmes. Richman’s self-titled 1976 debut with The,Concert Reviews Read more

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After modern, what's next? That question began to trouble architects, philosophers and artists well before the 20th century slipped into the new millennium. As Judith Gura stresses in Design After Modernism, 21st-century designers embrace t... Read more


In recent years, it seems that Milwaukee's local TV news operations have far too often don King Corn ,Cover Story Read more

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Unsolicited Christmas albums are piling up on my desk, so I figured now is the time to launch a new featureone which I fear will be fairly regular, given how lucrative the market is for holiday musicwhere I take very cursory a look at these season.. Read more

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