Molly Makepeace Jamison, a mid-30s Chicago-area suburbanite, wakes in the morning to find her husband, Bob, dead in bed beside her, one day after learning that he has been having “illicit nooners” with a friend named Shirley. Molly is sh... Read more


Another quick self-servicing plug: Set your dials to FM 102.1 this Sunday at 11 p.m., when I'll be on Ryan Miller's Indie Soundcheck again, chatting with the friendliest man in radio about that new Cursive album I've been beaming about all week.  Read more

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A company called You've Been LeftBehind LLC has begun offering an e-mail service to Christians who arepreparing for the Rapture, in which all “true” Christians ascend toheaven to meet their Lord. The company, knowing that some Christiansbelieve... Read more

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