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Elvis Costello's concerts are nothing if notthorough. Though no setlist could squeeze in every highlight from the prolificsongwriter's 35-year career, his shows touch on every phase of it, drawinggenerously from Costello's angry young man rips,.. Read more

On Music

 Phantom Cicada Productions' staging of The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) fits into a whole pantheon of different similar sketch comedy shows written by the same group. In just a few months, Racine's Over Our Head Players looks to s.. Read more


In Matt Goldman and Pat Hazell’s light comedy Bunkbed Brothers, two baby-boomer brothers return to their childhood home to spend the night in the bedroom they used to share. The substance of their childhood has been largely preserved, as th... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

British playwright Lucinda Coxon’s comedy, Happy Now?, which opened in a small studio space on the other side of the Atlantic just last year, focuses a sharp satirical perspective on the challenges of surviving the modern, middle-class life... Read more

Today in Milwaukee