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It’s amazing how many people who consider themselves deeply religious fail to understand religious freedom and instead want to impose their own religious beliefs on everyone else by law. Read more

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Designed with input from Milwaukee teens to address soaring pregnancy and STD rates, Naughty Bags condoms are the brain child of Diverse & Resilient and Cramer-Krasselt. Off the Cuff spoke with Cramer-Krasselt’s Sara Rude and Ned Brown to learn more. Read more

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Every week, the Shepherd Express will serve as a clearinghouse for any and all activities in the greater Milwaukee area that peacefully push back against discriminatory, reactionary or authoritarian actions and policies of the Trump adminis... Read more

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The relentless Republican drive to destroy Planned Parenthood, the organization that has been protecting women’s health and reproductive rights for 100 years, is a swirling mass of illogical contradictions. Read more

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With the theme “Rise Up, Be Visible,” an estimated 1,300 Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin supporters and feminist icon Gloria Steinem celebrated the state chapter’s 80th anniversary and the national organization’s centennial. Read more

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Last week, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and their allies won a big victory when the state Department of Justice agreed to cover their legal costs for a years-long battle over the state’s hospital admitting privileges for abortion provide... Read more

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According to DHS, the state Office of Inspector General found that family planning clinics they’d audited were significantly overpaid for services they provided to their clients who use Medicaid. In fact, the inspector general ordered that ... Read more

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Perhaps it’s a good thing that the Assembly isn’t going to resume its work until January 2017. The bills it passed last week were a mix of trash, garbage and junk that the Republican majority apparently hopes will appeal to its base right-w... Read more

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Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson found himself in a perfect position to protect Wisconsin’s role in vital medical research as President George W. Bush’s secretary of Health and Human Services. That legacy is now being trashed by Gov. S... Read more

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Whether you like Scott Walker or not, you have to concede that he has gotten farther than any Wisconsin politician in recent history in the Republican presidential nominating process. The explanation for his success lies in the fact that he... Read more

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Paul Masterson compares the first Republican primary debate to the reality show, “Big Brother.” Read more

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A batch of undercover videos shot by anti-abortion activists seems to have breathed new life into the ongoing Republican war against women in general and Planned Parenthood specifically. Read more

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Republicans are rushing a 20-week abortion ban through the Legislature. Introduced on May 22, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Bill is being heard in a rare joint committee, made up of members of both legislative houses. The bill, a... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, unofficially a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, promised that he would sign a ban on abortions after 20 weeks if the GOP-dominated Legislature passed one and that he supports one at the fed... Read more

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Joel McNally discusses and argues against the Fetal Pain Prevention Act, a new piece of legislation crafted by Republican legislators in collaboration with Wisconsin Right to Life. The act would ban the abortions for pregnancies after 20 we... Read more

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Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is stepping down at the end of his term, providing Wisconsin voters a rare opportunity to vote for two new candidates for this Read more

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On the campaign trail, Gov. Scott Walker and his allies keep insisting that “it’s working.” Is that true? Take a look and see if Walker’s Wisconsin is working for you. Read more

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It’s a Wrap: Two Milwaukee icons, filmmaker John Ridley and musician/producer Jerry Harrison, were in town to showcase their latest works during the ever-expanding Milwaukee Film Festival. Ridley’s darkly rollicking Jimi: All Is by My Side ... Read more

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How do you tell the difference between real people and politicians? That’s easy. Real people care about real things that are done to real people Read more

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