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The Milwaukee band Ravi/Lola draws inspiration from some of the more obscure psychedelic sounds of the 1960s on their elaborate latest album, Shape Up Shoulders. Read more

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Elvis Costello dug into the mellower corners of his songbook at a risky, generous show celebrating Imperial Bedroom. Read more

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As the author of Positively 4th Street and The Ten-Cent Plague, David Hajdu has become one of the most interesting, thought-inducing commentators on popular culture. His latest, Love for Sale, is a highly personal look back at pop music fro... Read more


According to the documentary It’s a Rockabilly World! by director Brent Huff (Chasing Beauty), another rockabilly revival has swept the world, fueled mainly by Millennials bored with the shoddy aesthetic of now and the pathetic state of con... Read more

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This week on "The Disclaimer," WMSE's weekly panel with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record editor Matt Wild and I, we're examining the dominant paradigm in music criticism: "poptismism" (yes, we loathe that word, too.) In a column this month for th.. Read more

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What’s behind pop culture?Or a better question might be: “Why are we so obsessed with it?”Why are we so enamored by people completely disconnected from our own lives? Why do we engage in national news rather than the local issues happening .. Read more

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When asked what music has inspired her the most, Victoriah Banuelos, half of the sister-sister Milwaukee pop outfit Vic and Gab, answers readily: “Rush.” Victoriah isn't over the age of 35, and she isn't clueless about current indepe Read more

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Pop music has a natural snap to it, thanks to its youthful motivations. Nobody has done it quite as winningly as the punk legends Buzzcocks, but the Milwaukee pop group Coo Woo is game to try their hand at it. Coo Woo takes on the British..... Read more

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Acacia Theatre closes out its 30th year with Smoke on the Mountain, a musical filled with traditional hymns and Bible-quoting one-upmanship one Saturday night at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.Set in rural North Carolina in 1938, Smoke t... Read more


The same magic that allowed Counting Crows' unkempt, dreadlocked singer Adam Duritz to date two of the three female leads from "Friends" must have carried over to Duritz's music career, because 17 years after the band's blockbuster Read more

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“I get particularly frustrated when—andthis has happened quite a lot—th Raditude ,Music Feature Read more

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Allow me to join the chorus of bloggers largely calling out Jay-Z for his pandering new single "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)." It's discouraging that Jay-Z would hone in on a lightning rod as tired as Auto-Tune; does this mean we can expect The Blu.. Read more

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Of course there are glaring exceptions, most notably The Black Eyed Peas utterly idiotic "Boom Boom Pow," which topped the Billboard Hot 100 this week, but the pop singles chart is a pretty vibrant place these days. Here are six charting songs tha.. Read more

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While most R&B singers coast in the final minute or two of their songs, reciting established hooks until the fadeout, The-Dream saves his finest twists for these closing moments. Three-fourths of the way through "Sweat it Out," the closest the sin.. Read more

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In major upsets, Mike Sheridan of Janesville defeated Jon Richards of Milwaukee for Assembly Speaker, and Tom Nelson of Kaukauna edged out Pedro Colon of Milwaukee for Majority Leader. This leaves heavily D,News Read more

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Since I gave a nod to Britney Spears earlier this week, equal-time regulations require me to also point out that Christina Aguilera, the less notorious but more reliable and better-voiced of the two pop stars, also has a fun, quick-charting music .. Read more

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Jeff Daniels, best known for his work as an actor in films like Dumb and Dumber and Woody Dumb and Dumber ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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When even Democratic politicians start warming to the idea of building new nuclear po What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Earlier this week the Kenosha News ran an article about the mixed reaction Jessica Simpson's first country concert received at the Country Thunder Festival in Randall, Wis. The story was quickly picked up by national media outlets—particularly a l.. Read more

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The Swedish disco band ABBA has shown surprising longevity, and with the upcoming big-budget film version of the ABBA musical Mama Mia!, ABBA-mania doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The original band has no plans to reunite, but th... Read more

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