Milwaukee’s rock scene is by and large a dirty, disheveledlittle thing, and we like it that way: Our clubs aren’t literally smokyanymore, but the smoke is still implied, and even our relatively polished musiciansusually look like they just fini.. more

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John McCain has a lock on his party's nomination in part because hesupported the "surge" and, Johnny says it is working! Don't you wonderwhat he is on? I'd like some. GOPSenator,John Warner, a former hawk said yesterday, "By any fairs.. more

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  This week, recently-deceased Heath Ledger graces the cover of People magazine – and no other celebrity magazines. Due to an eccentricity of the industry, People goes to press on Tuesday, a day later than all their competitors. Ledger’s death fi.. more

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There’s really no plothere—just a conversation between friends at a specific Say Goodnight, Gracie, ,Theater more


This first exhibition of never-before-seen photographs includes 20 8-by-10-inch images, de Got Murder? ,Art more

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With their ear for melody, diligent work ethic and knack for self-promotion,the local alt White China ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra performs a trio of serene classics from three favorite c Walk The Line ,Today in Milwaukee more

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