Eight-million refugees fled as German armies pushed into France in 1940, many on foot and some hitching cars behind horses to save gas. Come What May, an artfully filmed dramatization by French director Christian Carion more

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This year, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s re-election bid is a bit more complicated as he faces challenges from his fellow Republicans as well as Democrats, including his Democratic rival on the Nov. 8 ballot, Iraq war vet Ryan Solen. more

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Did you know that Wisconsin’s governor, on his or her own, can raise the minimum wage? In fact, the governor is required by law to ensure that all Wisconsinites—not just those earning a minimum wage—are paid a living wage for their work. more

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No one would ever seriously expect a right-wing Republican like Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan to come up with any rational solutions about how to help people in poverty more

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Until his fundamental dishonesty was exposed in a national campaign, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan had an undeserved reputation among gullible members of the media as a bright, young more

Mar 12, 2014 4:41 AM Taking Liberties

We’ve seen enough hard times recently to know unemployment can lead to a life of poverty. But what kind of country are we living in when full-time workers also live in poverty? more

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Nobody in Washington talks much about the poor in America these days, even though they are more and more with us in the economic aftermath of the Great Recession. Perhaps that is why more

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Is Wisconsin providing each child a “sound basic education,” as required by the state constitution?If you’re a low-income student more

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Jonathan Kozol is the author of Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America, a powerful work that follows a hardened group of impoverished inner-city children he has known... more

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Raymond Bradford has a great deal of stage experience. Bradford had been the Artistic Director of the RSVP Theatre who also heads the venerable Bay Playersarguably Milwaukee’s longest running theatre tradition of ANY kind.Those looking to learn .. more

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A memoir genre has emerged from the children of great writers, nursing grievances against famous fathers who, absorbed in their work, created castles of the imagination rather than nurturing homes for their offspring. Augusta Palmer’s docum... more

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Local artist Fidel, or“Viva Fidel” as some call him, is energetic, multitalen Controlled Demo ,None more

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I was more than a little shocked when I found a copy of Emotional Rescue in my turntable last night, since, as best I can recall, I haven’t listened to that record in years. How did it get there? Did I get drunk one night and cue it up? Unlikely. .. more

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MANY WERESHOCKED WHEN THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL and Prevention (CDC)reported last What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online www.expre ,Cover Story more

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It's been the leading story in major newspapers and TV news programs for the past week. M I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ,Letters more

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Since their eponymous sketch comedy show ended in 1995, all five members of the Kids in th Brain Candy. ,Arts & Entertainment more

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