A Kind of Murder The cloud of suspicion darkens over his head: Walter (Patrick Wilson) wishes his demented wife (Jessica Biel) was dead—and then she is in this film adapted from a Patricia Highst,Home Movies / Out On Digital more

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Rasputin was one of the 20th-century’s most infamous and least understood figures. In Rasputin: Faith, Power, and the Twilight of the Romanovs Douglas Smith went where biographers have seldom gone—deep into the Russian archives—and found a ... more


Men are in deep trouble, and it would seem it’s their own damn fault. In The End of Men and the Rise of Women (Riverhead), Hanna Rosin lays out an impressive array of studies, statistics, stories and anecdotes... more


This post comes from the Brewer Bar and I think it's really well said, so I'm posting it in it's entirety ___ By Jesse Motiff | March 4th, 2008 The following rant will most likely sound like I’m not a fan of Prince Fielde.. more

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Editor I've been in the energy business for 40 years and been apioneer in both the How She Move ,Letters more

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