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The sizable audience at the Zelazo Center at UWM heard seven pieces in excellent performances by nine musicians, with guest conductor David Bloom returning. more

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“I can’t say anything definite,” Stalheim says of Present Music post-himself. “I think keeping it going is the goal but you need a lot of support—a lot of hard work.” more

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Present Music closes its season with a site-specific performance at Lynden Sculpture Garden titled “Sound and Sight,” Saturday, June 23. more

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In its concert titled “Between Two Worlds,” Present music presents music that will explore contrasts as well as parallels between traditional folk music and contemporary classical music. more

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Present Music explored a new venue in its concert “Give Chance a Piece” at the Jazz Gallery. The music with the most impact had profound gravitas, echoing troubled areas of southeastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. more

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This week, the Present Music ensemble leaves everything to chance in a series of four concerts in four different Milwaukee venues; their aptly named concert is “Give Chance a Piece.” Hyperlocal presents its 16th collaborative music and dance ... more

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Woodland Pattern Book Center is an independent bookshop that continues to thrive amidst the national collapse of bookshops. What’s their secret to success? more

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Present Music deserves substantial credit for creating and sustaining what has been embraced as a major annual holiday event in its Thanksgiving concert—now in its 18th year. more

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Present Music explored yet another venue Friday evening with its concert in the student union of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. more

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Uhle Tobacco Company hascalled downtown Milwaukee home since 1939. Throughout these 78 years, ownershiphas changed over from founder Jack Uhle to Jeffrey Steinbeck, who began workingat Uhle’s when he was 19 years old.In this video, made .. more

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Present Music returned to the Wherehouse for its season closer Friday evening with two performances, one at 6 p.m. (which I attended), the second at 9. The concert was curated by guest music direct,Classical Music and Dance more

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Pianist and composer Cory Smythe is the guest artistic director of Present Music’s last concert of its 35th season. He’s joined by composer Steve Lehman and the Present Music ensemble in a concert exploring the interplay of musical genres t... more

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No Present Music exploration of an unconventional venue has been more artistically successful than the event they held throughout various exhibits at the ‪Milwaukee Public Museum‬‬‬ last Saturday evening.‬‬‬ more

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A collaboration between Present Music and the Milwaukee Public Museum headlines a week that features concerts by Early Music Now and Frank Pahl, dramatic and comedic plays and musicals produced by Outskirts Theatre, Luminous Theatre, Sunset... more

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Present Music’s most recent concert was at Pitch Project on South Fifth Street. Bucking expectations, Artistic Director Kevin Stalheim programmed music by dead guys—excepting only three pieces. more

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Charles Sullivan, Early Music Now’s executive and artistic director, and Kevin Stalheim, Present Music’s founder and artistic director, talk to the Shepherd Express about their respective ensembles’ commonalities and the supposed rivalry be... more

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Present Music annual Thanksgiving concert took place last weekend, featuring many talents and a great bill of works, including a new commission from Robert Honstein to honor Present Music’s 35th season. more

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Present Music has performed concerts in the Milwaukee Art Museum many times before, but never before in such an effectively and thoroughly immersive manner. more

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Ruthie answers a question from a reader whose hubby doesn’t love Halloween as much as he does. Exciting upcoming events include: “Angst, Horror & Fun” at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Oct. 21; Milwaukee LGBT Wedding Expo at The Hilton Milwau... more

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Celebrate the long and incredible career of Present Music Founder and Artistic Director Kevin Stalheim as he heads into his last season. more

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The minimalist. The experimentalist. The master. Present Music proudly brings the music of three composers together in a big way for their 34th season opener, Mozart?! Saturday, September 5th at theHelene Zelazo Center.Join as the lines between.. more

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