Primus reimagined a beloved children’s film for their latest album, one of their oddest yet. more

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Good news for fans of '80s and '90s alternative rock: As is usually the case, the Rave has you covered this summer. Today the venue announced two big shows: reunited indie pioneers The Pixies, who will return to the venue on Friday, June 12 for an.. more

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After the bitter, sub-zero temperatures and polar vertexes swept through the city, this weekend’s warmer weather didn’t provide complete relief. The still-frozen ground and heavy rainfall ended,Concert Reviews more

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At moments, the debut by Milwaukee’s The BigWheel Band superficially evokes such terrors as Blue Cheer, Primus and Cream. And if they filter their influences through the lesser, post-grunge lens of Pop Evil or Creed... more

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In 12 years since the demented funk-metal band Primus released 1999's <i>Antipop</i>, frontman Les Claypool has kept busy as a lauded player in the jam-rock scene, sharing stages with Trey Anastasio, Gov't Mule, Matisyahu and... more

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<p> This weekend saw two big Milwaukee concert announcements. Resilient alternative rockers <strong>Red Hot Chili Peppers</strong> will return to the Bradley Center on November 1, the venue announced on Friday. The band is touring behind its lates.. more

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Though they share a guitarist (Daniel Spack) and a similar love of instrumental post-rock with Collections of Colonies of Bees, Milwaukee’s Group of the Altos flaunts a far deeper kitchen sink than that quintet, working trumpet, cello, saw more

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Treading the squiggly line between sensitive indie-rock and eclectic jam, the Virginia-based quintet Carbon Leaf covers plenty of territory on its latest album, Nothing Rhymes with Woman. While only a handful of tracks ("Indecision," "Miss ... more

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Since Primus went dark, save for the occasional tour and retrospective release, madman ba Golden Delicious ,Today in Milwaukee more

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