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Paul Rosenberg, senior editor at Project Censored, provides a detailed analysis of the top censored news stories of 2018. Read more

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The Shepherd Express shares with its readers Paul Rosenberg’s top-10 list of the most underreported and ignored major news stories of 2017. Read more

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For 40 years now, Project Censored has been guided by a conception of free speech and censorship based on a civic responsibility, rather than an individual one, and from the perspective of the audience, rather than the speaker. Read more

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Project Censored highlights the biggest news stories the corporate media ignored this year, including the true numbers of Americans shot by police, fracking details, corporate water grabbing, income inequality and Costa Rica’s surprising re... Read more

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Project Censored presents its under-reported stories of the past year that were ignored by the mainstream media. Topping the list was coverage of ocean acidification in independent media outlets, which mainstream media failed to report. Add... Read more

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This year’s annual Project Censored list of the most underreported news stories includes the widening wealth gap, the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning for leaking classified documents and Read more

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If you only rely on mainstream, corporate-owned media for your news, you’re missing out on a wealth of information that’s vital to understanding our world and creating a healthy society. According to the researchers Read more

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Karl Rove’s chief IT consultant, MikeConnell—who was facing subpoena in conne The Nation ,None Read more

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Away We Go, a droll comedy-cum-drama by director Sam Mendes (American Beauty), perceptively explores the lives of more-or-less ordinary 30somethings lost in a world without much meaning. Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski) are about t.. Read more

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