The Promise

An epic on a scale reminiscent of Dr. Zhivago, The Promise is a love story wrapped in the twisted threads of history. more

Apr 24, 2017 9:25 AM Film Reviews 1 Comments

Born in China, Disney’s latest nature film, features incredible landscapes, irresistible creatures and jaw-dropping photography. Free Fire features Brie Larson and Armie Hammer and features some ’70s flair and funny dialogue amid the monoto... more

Apr 18, 2017 3:41 PM Film Clips

Early next month, Matthew Konkel brings his detective noir spoof to West Allis as Inspiration Studios presents Jake Revolver: Freelance Secret Agent to the stage early next month. Konkel’s blend of Dashiell Hammett/Raymond Chandler shtick .. more

Jul 24, 2016 11:00 AM Theater

Far superior to most “fakumentaries,” Sacrament follows the crew of an “edgy” Internet TV channel as they make a documentary on a sect that moved from the U.S. to a remote jungle. Inspired by the real-life Peoples Temple, director Ti ... more

Oct 15, 2014 5:02 PM Home Movies

A phenomenally talented teenage songwriter and singer from Racine (who recently moved to northern Illinois), Nina Ferraro brings quirky instrumentation together with pop production, setting articulate lyrics to memorable melodies on The Pro... more

Jul 3, 2012 12:00 AM Album Reviews

The pressure was on after Born to Run. Bruce Springsteen was the first rock artist to simultaneously fill the covers of Time and Newsweek, drawing FM airplay and charges of hype from cynics suspicious of his abrupt rise from local hero to n... more

Nov 16, 2010 12:00 AM Album Reviews