Across the organization the Brewers have a wide array of international talent from both on and off the beaten path. Read more

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According to Tom H's blog, Lorenzo Cain hurt himself trying to make a diving catch and on-site doctors think he tore his MCL.If that's the case, he's looking at three or so months of rehab.Read Tom H's post hereAs someone who tore the same MCL twi.. Read more

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A lot of talk over the past few years has centered on Jack Z and how absolutely great the Brewers are at drafting and developing homegrown talent. Apparently, that's not going to end any time soon.Al at Al's Ramblings had this tidbit:Two of the be.. Read more

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The boys of summer are back with the first televised exhibition games of the season. Enchanted April ,This Week in Milwaukee Sports Read more

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