There are few people as important to the health of Milwaukee’s vibrant music scene as Shane Hochstetler. For the past five years, Hochstetler’s Howl Street Recordings studio has recorded a wide assortment of artists, helping such acts as Ju... more

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They should have been bigger. After putting out two strong EPs, 2010's Failures and 2011's Shallows, Milwaukee-based post-metal band Maidens are breaking up. Thankfully, they will be... more

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In just a few weeks the city will be overrun by graying bikers blasting Steppenwolf and g Rolling Stone ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Itis often taken for granted that hardcore punk is—and perhaps should be&mda Damaged ,Music Feature more

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It’s just three people talking. And they’re not even talking to each other. Somehow, three people delivering monologues in a studio theatre in Elm Grove can have an undefinable kind of compelling magic. If it’s the right three people perf.. more


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