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"I write to thank you for taking a stand, some on bended knee, all striving for unity and respecting one’s right to free speech." Read more


In the first episode of the Democracy in Crisis podcast, hosts Baynard Woods and Marc Steiner speak with Payam, one of the organizers of a protest at Baltimore's BWI airport, about the Trump administration's indefinite ban on people from se... Read more

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The guerilla chaos that filled the air like the pepper spray on Friday is washed away the next day as half a million people pour into the city for the Women’s March on Washington, filled with righteous anger, solidarity and community. Read more

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Nearly every day since Gov. Scott Walker announced plans to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers in 2011, protesters have taken to the Capitol building to sing. Last summer the Capitol police cracked down, arresting hundreds of t.. Read more

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2013 didn’t have the drama of 2011—when Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-dominated Legislature undid decades of progressive policies—or 2012, when Walker survived a recall and Read more

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Anyone who thought Republican Gov. Scott Walker was going to rest on his right-wing extremist laurels after destroying decades of collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin Read more

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Yet another dictator is being toppled to expand democracy throughout the Middle East. That's great news. But what about democracy right here in Wisconsin? In just a few short months in power, Republicans have systematically attacked the c... Read more

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After the Republican majority in the state Legislature rammed through their "budget repair" bill, using dubious procedural maneuvers to essentially gut public unions, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed a complaint seeking to ... Read more

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On Nov. 3, 2010, after the votes had been counted and the dust had settled from the previous day's election, it was clear that conservative Republicans had made a clean sweep while many Democrats "forgot to vote." Read more

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Someone extremely intelligent—no one seems to know if it was a Democrat or Republican... Read more

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Wisconsinites outraged by Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights are already trying to determine how best to remove him from office before his four-year term expires in January 2015.One o... Read more

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When Republican Gov. Scott Walker rejected the agreement from Wisconsin Read more

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The contemporary ballet troupe the Trey McIntyre Project gives a one-night-only performance tonight at the Marcus Center in conjunction with Milwaukee Ballet. The program will include three pieces, including the Milwaukee premiere of Read more

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If you’re Internet is running a little slow today, it’s likely because your co-workers are eating up all your bandwidth following this afternoon’s noon Brewers game against the Florida Marlins. You’re probably not going to get much Read more

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Sister VirgineLawinger is Shepherd ,News Features Read more

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