Guitarist-vocalist Frederico7’s bilingual song collection, Exótico Americano, features wiry funk bass lines, warm tropical tones and dreamy rock guitar and vocals. Read more

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Forever Changes by the integrated Los Angeles group called Love was one of the greatest rock albums from the era of great albums. Read more

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Fifty years after its original release, New York’s Sundazed Records has reissued the Milwaukee band’s self-titled album, which holds up solidly as a bridge from the clamor of mid-decade garage punk to the psychedelia that would follow. Read more

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The new deluxe edition CD reissue of Physical Graffiti is a reminder of Led Zeppelin’s musical range, from raging blues-rock (“In My Time of Dying”) to raga-influenced psychedelia (“In the Light”) and old-time rock ’n’ roll (“Boogie w... Read more

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Although Stephen Stills sometimes seems overshadowed by his frequent collaborator, Neil Young, the new four-disc career retrospective offers ample reminders that Stills, a gifted and often imaginative songwriter, was integral t Read more

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It’s not without irony that Peder Hedman now plays guitar in the ’80s-style punk band Bicentennial Rub, since Hedman spent the actual ’80s far removed from punk. He was too deeply ingrained in psychedelia at the time Read more

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Nuggets scarcely sold any copies upon release in 1972, but within a few years, the LP became a touchstone for punk rock bands in search of roots and also inspired similarly formatted reissues of obscure rock tracks. Critic and future Patti ... Read more

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The self-titled debut album by Painted Caves has become a quiet local sensation, gathering significant airtime on WMSE along with spins on Radio Milwaukee. The group is a collaboration between songwriter Ali Lubbad Read more

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The documentary You’re Gonna Miss Me (available on DVD) doesn’t begin on stage but in a courthouse where Roky Erickson’s relatives are battling for control of his life. The latest episode of a troubled, decades long family history finds one of th.. Read more

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