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The classic lineup of Plasticland is back for its first show in over a decade—and possibly its last. Read more

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Photo credit: Rachel Schlawin

Brothers Maxwell and Mitchell Bell invested a grueling five years on their debut as Blue Sails, an uncommonly rich, soulful psychedelic rock record. Read more

Local Music

The WAMIs will honor Milwaukee’s innovative psychedelic-rock band Plasticland this month. Read more

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Though they’ve developed a small but loyal following over the last four years, Soup Moat, as local bands go, have never really gotten their due. Maybe that’s because they’re so often relegate,Local Music Read more

Local Music

It’s no secret that the instruments a band uses help determine its sonic direction and can make a song work. In the case of Milwaukee band Calliope, one instrument—an organ—not only pumped energy into the songs of their Read more

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