Doctor-recommended cannabis should be available as a medical option for those patients fighting debilitating diseases, according to State Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Chris Taylor. more

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“I did part of that picture in the back of my van on some cardboard boxes,” said Willie Weaver-Bey of the painting that earned first place in a national veterans art competition. “And I did it with my finger. I didn’t use anything but my... more

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Set in Milwaukee, Nicholas Petrie’s 2015 debut novel, The Drifter, drew comparisons to thrillers like Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne or Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Petrie’s protagonist is Peter Ash, an Iraq War vet suffering from PTSD. P... more

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Harvard Business School professor and social psychologist Amy Cuddy is renowned for her 2012 TED Talk on how body language shapes not only the impressions that others have of us, but moreover our own thinking. Now Cuddy brings her research ... more


Ahead of Feast of Crispian’s all-veteran production of Julius Caesar, Jim Tasse explains how the Bard can help vets confront their emotions. more

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Co-founded in 2007 by Patrick Nettesheim and Dan Van Buskirk, Guitars for Vets (G4V) is a Milwaukee-based nonprofit giving back to men and women who have served our country. The program, which has more than 40 chapters in 20 states and has ... more

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Psychiatry has often become a retail arm of the pharmaceutical industry, with psychology as the industry’s PR department. But there are discontents. Aside from their side effects, psychotropic drugs tend to redress symptoms without addressi... more

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Controversy has always surrounded the Vietnam War, and now journalist and historian Nick Turse shockingly exposes previously unheard of atrocities his new book Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam. The more


Vietnam combat veteran Bob Curry founded Dryhootch of America in 2008 as an accessible, collaborative network of people and nonprofit organizations to provide support and services for veterans and their families... more

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“Everydayheroes” surround us, individuals who donate their time, talent,experience and hard work to benefit those who aren’t so fortunate. Onething they all have in common is the a,Cover Story more

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Could Wisconsin Be Next? ,News Features more

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The funny thing about "The Mel Brooks Collection" is missing, his hilarious debut film, The Producers (1968). Naturally, the nine-disc Blu-ray collection is full of funny moments, almost too many to count, from Brooks' brilliant satire of greed s.. more

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