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We are calling on AG Schimel and the Wisconsin Elections Commission to get to the bottom of this corrupt scheme to buy off a candidate for state superintendent with taxpayer money. Read more

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Facing a deficit going into the two-year budget cycle that begins in July, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed slashing funding for the University of Wisconsin System, public K-12 education and other vital programs. But Walker doesn’t have to ma... Read more

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State Sen. Alberta Darling and state Rep. Dale Kooyenga have proposed creating a turnaround district for Milwaukee that would convert failing MPS public schools into charter schools. But three experts from New Orleans—Kristen Buras, Karran ... Read more

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It’s taken a quarter of a century, but Republican taxpayers around the state and some of their representatives are finally starting to realize they’ve been hoodwinked by their own party’s flimflam Read more

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The Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is in transition—again.Gregory Thornton, who led the district during the tumult over Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 and his Read more

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State legislators are poised to rubber-stamp Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to send an extra $100 million to schools to drive down property taxes. The property tax cut is so important to Walker Read more

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It was no surprise that Gov. Scott Walker yet again expanded the state’s voucher school program, under the guise of providing more choice for families. Walker proposes to implement vouchers in nine additional districts, as well Read more

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Talk K-12 education for more than five minutes, and inevitably, the conversation turns to charter schools... Read more

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<p> The Doors compressed more creativity into four years than most rock bands can manage in four decades. Of course, theirs was an unusually fertile cultural period and not everything they recorded ranks with greatness. Still, the best of their m.. Read more

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150 years ago, a colossal shipwreck profoundly affected the city of Milwaukee. Roughly 300 people died. It is said that 1,000 were orphaned by the sinking. Last September, on the 150th anniversary of the sinking, there was a staged reading of a .. Read more


  While everyone seems to agreethat Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) faces serious Shepherd. ,News Features Read more

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 Whyare Gov. Jim Doyle and Mayor Tom Barrett so dead-set on taking overMilwaukee Pu Shepherd Express ,None Read more

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Itseems like a logical vote for any lawmaker: mandate that all driverspass a written and road test before th,Expresso Read more

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We’ve all read the screaming headlines about the $100 million wasted by the Milwaukee Shepherd. Read more

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Milwaukee Ballet opens its production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream tonight at the M A Midsummer Night’s Dream ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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