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The Bay View Neighborhood Association has released the lineup for its 12th season of Chill on the Hill, its popular summer music series in Humboldt Park, and it seems to mark a distinct shift from past years. Where previous schedules usually inclu.. Read more

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Sometimesyou don't have to travel far to discover an oasis within the midst of yourcity. Greenfield Park, one of Milwaukee County's finest, is one suchdestination. It contains a leg of the famous Oak Leaf Trail, and many a bikerand hiker can e.. Read more

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 Somewhere around the past couple of days, The Milwaukee Rep announced its upcoming season. Some of it sounds kind of interesting. Gutenberg!  The Musical sounds like fun. Three guys pitch the idea for a big Broadway musical about the inventor .. Read more


<p> The Mossad became legendary as the spy agency that always got its manwhether he happened to be a Nazi war criminal or a Palestinian terrorist. The 2007 Israeli film <em>The Debt</em>remade three years later with Helen Mirren in the star role.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The ability to work in multiple mediums is the sign of a truly great story, so it’s not surprising that George Romero’s 1968 zombie masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead, has been so frequently reimagined by both cartoons and comic books. Read more

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Pickingseason for apples is end of August until the end of October. (PYOP)Pumpkins should be ripe the first weeks of September. Call first forpumpkin readiness. Freepetting zoo. Corn maze ($) , kids' corral play area ($), mini-trainride a,... Read more

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The pumpkin farm opens for the season on Wednesday, September 16, from 11a-7p daily. The Market and creepy Cornfield opens on Friday, September 18 and stays open until Saturday, October 31. ,Halloween 2009 Read more

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