The Milwaukee Comedy Festival (MCF)was last weekend, and now I’mtasked with reviewing it.  I am here totell you about the acts, and why you should go next time it comes around andwhy you should support more comedy in Milwaukee. The MCF spanned .. Read more



Maggie Vaughn/ Shepherd Express

I want you to picture a young boy, in the 3rd or4th grade. It is the mid 1990’s.  He is sitting on the floor with a VHStape of “Weird Al” Yankovic music videos, and he is losing his mind. At one point during the “Fat” video, he rollsuncon.. Read more


There’s a reason nerds love "Weird Al" Yankovic: he's a humble, affable, legendary comedic genius.  Quite simply, there's not another public figure who has sustained his level of brilliance and cultural relevance for as long as he has.  In additio.. Read more



Milwaukee Comedy

 Every yearin August, Milwaukee is treated to the largest comedy festival in the state,the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, and this year is the 10thanniversary! This year the festival takes place at Next Act Theater and TurnerHall, from August 6-9,.. Read more


There are comedians who do expectedjokes. They set up an observational joke about something mundane, and then they add a punchline. It’s all veryexpected, and follows a formula that has been done time and time again. And then there are comedians.. Read more


Craig Ferguson was most recently the host of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," which was my favorite late night talk show for quite a while. He has written, starred in and directed several films throughout this career, establishing himself.. Read more


In every city that claims to have a theater scene, you need two major kinds of theaters. You need big budget theaters, likeThe Milwaukee Rep with their multi-million dollar budgets complete with massivebeautiful sets, costumes, lights, etc. (you.. Read more


This past Friday I had the opportunity to go down toThe Underground Collaborative to see Nick Vatterott perform his very unique styleof stand-up comedy. I was treated to not only an amazing show by Nick, but got to enjoy fantastic sets by two lo.. Read more


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has played games with voters since being appointed to the position by former Republican Gov. Scott McCallum. While Clarke campaigns as a Democrat, he aligns himself with conservatives like President Bus... Read more

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The days of Don Rickles rolling with the Rat Pack and presiding over celebrity roasts are long over, but that doesn’t mean Rickles has lost his snarky touch. The venerable insult comic is as audacious as he was in his heyday. Now 83... Read more

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