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Long-running punk band Negative Approach will give Milwaukeeans a taste of Detroit sound at their show at the X-Ray Arcade on Oct. 17. Read more

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Two Wisconsin bands with differing approaches to punk rock each take a side of this 12-inch album. Read more

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British singer gives buzzworthy performance at Miller Lite Oasis. Read more

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A 30-year-old Kids in the Hall skit provides the unlikely inspiration for a very weird band. Read more

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On the 40th anniversary of Gang of Four’s debut, founder Andy Gill discusses the band’s latest lineup and new album. Read more

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The owners of Cudahy’s new X-Ray Arcade set out to create an events space that could morph into whatever the community wants it to be. Read more

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A variety of authors explore the diversity of 20th century American music. Read more


For Kenny is both a tribute to Kenny Baldwin (who passed in 2015) and a worthy document of the trio in action. Read more

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The pop-loving Milwaukee punk band’s latest album is their most varied and daring yet. Read more

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The tawdry Milwaukee tradition returned for another night of punk, drag, high-concept covers and very tasteless jokes. Read more

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Even on a relatively concise project, the ambitious Milwaukee pop-punk band can't resist a little theatrical embellishment. Read more

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The Milwaukee post-hardcore trio's latest album is their most immersive yet. Read more

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The unconventional Brooklyn musician and Nick Cave collaborator headlines the Bay View Bash’s Rush-Mor Records stage Saturday night. Read more

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The still-unnamed venue will feature a mini-arcade and will host all-ages shows. Read more

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The Milwaukee trio Red Lodge don”t hold back on their debut EP of riot grrrl-influenced feminist punk. Read more

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Alice Bag, the 59-year-old Chicana trailblazer, punk singer, songwriter, author and activist, speaks to the times on her new album, Blueprint. Read more

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A bartender interrupted the oi band VexNation’s set to question their politics, having confused the oi subculture with that of racist, neo-nazi skinheads. Read more

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Stream the magnificently pointed 15-minute full length from the trashy Milwaukee punk quartet Sex Scenes. Read more

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“You can still have your ethics, do what you feel is right and move forward as a band,” Sheer Mag’s Tina Halladay says of her band’s growing popularity. “You don’t have to just give in.” Read more

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It’s not easy being in a straightedge punk band in a city like Milwaukee. It’s even harder when you’re still in high school. Read more

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