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Milwaukee's rap scene just had its greatest year ever. If you weren't paying attention, here's what you missed. Read more

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The New Age Narcissism producer shares the first of a series of collaborative tracks. Read more

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Milwaukee rapper Lorde Fredd33 has at least a dozen distinct voices, and his full-length "NORF" pairs him with production that's every bit as animated as his delivery. Read more

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The violent, strangely beautiful latest video from the iconoclastic Milwaukee rapper casts a deep chill. Read more

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Vincent VanGREAT's 2016 album UnGREATful is mostly a feel good affair, with one loud exception: "Radical," a blaring, Public Enemy-channeling riot act co-produced with Q The Sun. Van Great has picked a fitting time to drop the visual for that song.. Read more

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A new Fatty Acids album is always something to get excited about, since you never have a clear sense of what to expect from the band. Next month the Milwaukee band will release its fourth album, Dogs of Entertainment , their follow-up to 2013’s ca.. Read more

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The bar for Milwaukee music videos has raised considerably over the last few years, in no small part because of directors Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue, who’ve lent captivating cinematic accompaniments to artists like WebsterX, Reggie Bonds and Lex.. Read more

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Is it possible that the most valuable contributor to Milwaukee’s hip-hop scene right now isn’t a rapper or a producer but a filmmaker—or, rather, a pair of filmmakers? For the last couple of years directors Damien Klaven and Cody LaPlant have been.. Read more

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Milwaukee rapper WebsterX and producer Q The Sun aren't the first rap acts to sample Radiohead. The Roots have done it. So have Lupe Fiasco and Joe Budden—hell, even Lloyd Banks has. But few have immersed themselves quite as deeply in the band's v.. Read more

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Lorde Fredd33 isn’t the kind of rapper to write rhymes down. He prefers to work by impulse. Read more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, as I prepare my annual award-winning “Year-in-Review, Year Ahead” essay for next week’s paper, two words keep ringing a bell in my head from this 2010: Read more

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The MacDowell Club of Milwaukee’s next concert (“Solos and Ensembles”) certainly lives up to its billing, providing concertgoers with all sorts of instrumental and/or vocal combinations performing a wide variety of works. But the best ad Read more

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As A.P.R.I.M.E. and Trellmatic of the Milwaukee-based experimental hip-hop duo AUTOMatic performed at the 37th Annual Zulu Nation Anniversary in New York City, A.P.R.I.M.E. noticed that one of hip-hop’s luminaries was listening to their mus... Read more

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The KGB was abolished with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but by the time Boris Yeltsin stepped down as Russia’s president, the various agencies that emerged from the old Soviet secret police coalesced into a powerful new entity calle... Read more


Milwaukee’s ‘rock & roll nouveau’ quartet 2morrow Evr After got a nice taste of national exposure when they heard their “U Can’t Buy This” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage program on Sirius XM Radio. High on Read more

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