Quincy Jones

Clark Terry was one of the great secondary figures of jazz. The trumpeter was notamong the artists most responsible for changing the shape of the music, but hementored, inspired or sat in with many of the leading lights, including QuincyJones, .. more

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Artist rendering courtesy Milwaukee Bucks

This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly cabal with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record editor Matt Wild and I, we're joined by Jordan "DJ Madhatter" Lee, who is curating an Alverno Presents production this weekend. He's assembled a big band of lo.. more

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 Oftenoverlooked in film history, Norman Jewison was a director who emerged after theold Hollywood studio system that nurtured Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford butbefore the generation that numbered Martin Scorsese and Francis.. more

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 Emergingfrom the jazz scene of the 1940s, Miles Davis and Quincy Jones took verydifferent routes on a journey that eventually shared at least one common theme.Both tried to engage the pop music world—Jones with a straightforwar.. more

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The Milwaukee Brewers continue their four-game series against the San Francisco Giants tonight with game three at 7:10 p.m. more

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Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has been continuously campaigning for governor for the past six years. So how do his campaign claims live up to the reality of his time in office? Here’s a look at some of his biggest claims: Claim: W... more

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The Milwaukee Admirals celebrate the Olympics tonight by wearing jerseys designed after the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team’s, then auctioning them to raise money for charity after tonight’s game against the Houston Aeros. The first 5,000 more

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