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Rachel: If you could describe your ensemble or overall personal style in three words, what would they be?Gregg: Comfortable, current and crazy! R: Where do you draw inspiration for your wardrobe?G: I scout out underground designers, usua.. Read more

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Quasimondo’s intense Kamikaze Cute-Sauce Cos-Play Club is an insightful exploration of culture, gender and power. Read more



Photos by Rachel Buth

Do you have a "style philosophy" and how does that inform your wardrobe choices?I don't see a difference between male and female clothing whatsoever. I only view them as fitting different type bodies better or worse. Anyone can wear whatever they.. Read more

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What do you think your style says about you?My style is all about comfort and wearing whateverthe hell I want. Style goes beyond size, and there is no fashion rulethat I adhere to. I don't believe in 'dressing for your body type'.Everyone has t.. Read more

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Cocoon Room (820 E. Locust St.) is a Riverwest multipurpose creative space—art gallery and boutique, performance space (for comedians, musicians and poets), design space (jewelry, graphics, video, web) and gathering space (fashion shows, yo... Read more

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As a pretty blonde with a tonally pure, lung-buster of a voice and built-in following as a winner of “American Idol,” it was almost a foregone conclusion that Carrie Underwood would succeed in any style of music. She chose Read more

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Bharathanatyam originated 2000 years ago in South India as a temple dance to worship the Hindu gods. While evolving as an art, it retained its devotional content. An important tradition of Bharathanatyam is Arangetram (“ascending the stage”... Read more

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Singer-songwriter David Bazan is best known for his work with the indie-rock project Pedro The Lion, where he offered nervy confessions about sins of the flesh and his conflicted relationship with God that made him a controversial Read more

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