Racial Disparities

For 40 years now, Project Censored has been guided by a conception of free speech and censorship based on a civic responsibility, rather than an individual one, and from the perspective of the audience, rather than the speaker. Read more

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Milwaukee should be proud to have a native son standing up for what America should be, simply by sitting down. Read more

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In the midst of a citywide conversion about reducing tension between the police and the community, the Milwaukee Common Council released its “Public Safety Action Plan,” which offers no new programs for actually improving police-communit... Read more

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Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan’s Public Safety Committee has come up with a handy list of really bad ideas everyone should be working together to root out instead of perpetuating. Read more

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Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention Director Reggie Moore on the Sherman Park uprising and what’s next for Milwaukee. Read more

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Milwaukee County, John Chisholm, district attorney, John Doe, Lincoln Hills, Verona Swanigan, criminal justice, mental health, car jackings, campaign finance, domestic violence, Sojourner Truth, Dallas shooting, racial disparities, crime, W... Read more

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This past week has been one of the saddest and most tragic weeks in recent years. First we had two African Americans shot and killed by police when they appeared to be posing absolutely no threat.,News Features Read more

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Everyone feels a little tingle of fear when stopped by a traffic cop. But no white person in America ever feels his life is in danger. Read more

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On Tuesday, April 5, Milwaukee County residents will be able to vote on two contested races for circuit court judge. In both races, a recent judicial appointee of Gov. Scott Walker will face an attorney in private practice in elections for ... Read more

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The Milwaukee Common Council voted to delay a measure that would vastly reduce the fine for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Alderman Nik Kovac cited the ordinance’s enforcement as contributing to the city’s racial disparities. At the... Read more

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Progressives and conservatives agree that it’s time to end mass incarceration. Wisconsin leads the nation in incarcerating African American men and spends $1.2 billion per year. The faith-based group WISDOM has provided action items to redu... Read more

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We aren’t supposed to put people in jail simply for being poor. But that happens regularly in Milwaukee, especially if you are an African American man. A new study from the nonprofit Justice Initiatives Institute (JII) found that from 2008-... Read more

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On the campaign trail, Gov. Scott Walker and his allies keep insisting that “it’s working.” Is that true? Take a look and see if Walker’s Wisconsin is working for you. Read more

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“There is nowhere, nowhere in the entire world where the crisis for black men in the criminal justice system is more acute” than in Milwaukee Read more

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The media have been focused on the outpouring of anger following the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., by a police officer. But the same anger and Read more

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Does the $1.7 billion to be spent on the reconstruction and expansion of the Zoo Interchange... Read more

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