A bipartisan proposal announced Tuesday is aimed at making testing sexual assault kits quicker and easier. Read more

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Locked in the battle of her career, Kesha bit back with a raw, subversive punk-rock spectacle Friday night. Read more

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Those of us who aren't reference librariansprimarily know D.A.R.E. as a drug use program aimed at kids just old enough tofeasibly get involved with drugs. If you do happen to be a reference librarianyou'll likely know DARE .. Read more

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Right-wing conservatives may have made a mistake by fighting so hard to keep sex education out of our schools for so many years. Read more

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Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan didn’t make any major gaffes in last week’s debate. But that doesn’t mean that he’s ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency... Read more

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Last year, SlutWalk started as a grassroots response to a remark made by a Toronto police officer and quickly became an international movement whose goal was to stop the blaming of victims for being sexually... Read more


Lost in the uproar over Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin's ignorant comments about pregnancy and rape is the fact that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's... Read more

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Last Friday, four members of the Ladydrawers, a collective that creates comics about race, class, gender and sexuality, embarked on a road trip to Saint Louis. Their goal: to deliver a copy of the latest edition of the fundamental women's ... Read more


Democratsand the rest of the countryare rightly upset by the comments by Missouri GOP Senate hopeful Todd Akin about “legitimate rape.”<br /><br />His comment was uninformed, wrong and just plain offensive.<br /><br />What struck me the most was h.. Read more

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For decades, Milwaukee multi-instrumentalist Sigmund Snopek has been one of the hardest working musicians in the local music scene, tackling everything from jazz to experimental prog-rock. He’s even an accomplished composer, penning composi... Read more

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My wife and I saw Phantom of the Opera last night. We’re not fans. Prior to last night, she’d seen it once before . . . and remembers very little of it. I’ve been hearing about the show for twenty years now. Even hearing about the show on TV ba.. Read more


After last night's bombarding 7-1 victory, tonight's 4-2 win seemed like a grinder. Yet, aside from a late-game barrage, it felt like the Badgers had control of the entire match. Midway through the final period, the announcers on my broadcast comm.. Read more

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Friedman will be in town on Saturday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m. at theTool Shed to read from the Read more

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Sure, Republican pr Please. ,Think You Know John McCain? Read more

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The best part of this MU team is knowing that when one of the big name guys has an off night, the rest of the team has the ability to pick up the slack. We saw that throughout the season when Dominic James struggled/was injured and we saw it durin.. Read more

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The UWM Union Theatre’s ongoing Festival of Films in Frenchmay be heavy on new film Pierrot le fou ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Hello, Below is a letter to the editor regarding a pair of stories in this week's S electorate, ,Letters Read more

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“It was historic,” said Sara Finger, director of the Wisconsin Alliance for W Shepherd ,News Features Read more

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