Did the protagonist called John Locke add aphilosophical dimension to all those workplace water cooler conversations overthe television series “Lost”? If nothing else, “Lost’s” bald-headed enigmalaunched a thousand .. more

I Hate Hollywood

The National Gallery of Art%u23AFthe American institution's reputation stands alongside  great tradition in Washington, D.C.  Visiting Milwaukee for this special exhibition, the National Gallery's Curator of Italian and Spanish Paintings David All.. more

Visual Arts

There’s no denying the popularity and masterworks of Henri Matisse and Raphael Santi. Although centuries apart, their names signify genius. A pair of exhibitions opening this month at two Midwestern museums affords an opportunity to study t... more

Visual Arts

The Milwaukee Bucks take on the New York Jets tonight at a 7:30 p.m. Bradley Center game.,Today in Milwaukee more

Today in Milwaukee