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After last week\'s surprising announcement that <a href=\"/blog-8121-tieumlsto-will-headline-the-marcus-amphitheater.html\">Tiësto will headline the Marcus Amphitheater</a>, the venue\'s latest announced headliner shouldn\'t turn too many heads: I.. Read more

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In the novel Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!, consumer-rights-activist turned beloved-by-the-left-presidential-candidate turned reviled-by-the-left-presidential-candidate Ralph Nader imagines a world where, distraught by America’s woes aft... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Read this on ESPN (actually saw the link on Twitter) and it's about a game between DeKalb (Ill.) High School and Milwaukee Madison.One of the Madison players had just lost his mother and wasn't planning on playing. He showed up late to the game, h.. Read more

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Their regular-dude image may suggest otherwise, but Rascal Flatts really isn’t a country band anymore. Save for that rural drawl in their vocals, and the odd steel-guitar accent here and there, the group’s recent albums reside almost exclusively ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee