The East North Avenue neighborhood is undergoing a transformation. more

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 Arif Mardin was never a household name, butmusic fans scrutinizing album credits knew of him and the stars he worked withknew him well. The Greatest Ears in Town:The Arif Mardin Story is a documentary of a remarkable ca.. more

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 Unlikepetroleum and coal, water is a renewable resource. But don’t drink easy. Theworld’s reserves of fresh water are dwindling in the face of population growthand waste. The Aral Sea has shrunk to one-tenth its old size, the A.. more

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In a jam scene filled with prolific players, few are more ubiquitous than guitarist Warren Haynes. He began his career in the late ’80s as the fresh blood in a reunited Allman Brothers Band, expanded his profile in the ’90s with his... more

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