Raymond Chandler

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I Hate Hollywood

One of Robert Altman’s standout films, The Long Goodbye (1973)—out now on Blu-ray—was a contemporary adaptation of the Raymond Chandler story and a sly send-up of Hollywood in the Chandler era. Read more

Home Movies

Along with Dashiell Hammett,Raymond Chandler was the author who pulled detective fiction out of theEdwardian drawing rooms and into the mean streets. His hard-boiled stories setthe stage for film noir; The Big Sleep(1946) is considered a class.. Read more

Happening Now

  As Tom Williams writes in his new biography, A Mysterious Something in the Light: TheLife of Raymond Chandler (Chicago Review Press), Chandler never courtedHollywood. But for the movie industry, he was exactly the sort .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

It was a dark and stormy night as I headed over to Milwaukee’s most beloved spot for mystery genre fans—the now 20-year-old Mystery One Bookstore, 2109 N. Prospect Ave. Inside I found the narrow aisles of books crowded Read more

Off the Cuff

In March, Harry Jackson, 26, was in jail in Woodbine, Ga., on several minor charges such as driving on a suspended license. However, allegedly bending to pressure from fellow inmates, Jackson agreed to break out of jail, steal cigarettes at... Read more

News of the Weird

Along with her mother, Naomi, singer Wynonna Judd scored 14 number one country songs throughout the ’80s, making The Judds country music’s most successful duo until Brooks & Dunns stormed the charts in the ’90s to claim that throne. Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Like the pundits he lampoons, Stephen Colbert often boasts of his own power, priding himself for a phenomenon he calls “The Colbert Bump,” the increased interest in a person or product after it is mentioned on his program. One of the oddest... Read more

Today in Milwaukee