Recall Elections

With Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett now entering the fray, it appears that there will be a four-way primary... more

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On Tuesday, opponents of Gov. Scott Walker achieved a historic first when they delivered a million signatures... more

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After the just-completed recall elections, the assumption had been that the next battle waged by Democrats and independents wouldn't occur until Jan. 3, 2012, when the next round of recall petitions could be filed. But it is now clear that ... more

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Is Gov. Scott Walker lonely? At the same time his fellow right-wing buddies like presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry are dominating the national news, Walker has gone from the GOP's golden boy to Wisconsin's lonely boy.... more

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By definition, last week's state Senate recall elections all were fought in Republican districts... more

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Do you live in one of the six Senate districts with a recall election today?Then get out there and vote.Polls are open until 8 p.m. If you are standing in line at 8, you will still be able to vote.To check your registration status and polling plac.. more

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The unprecedented recalls of nine state senators have sparked the interest of organizations seeking an advantage in Wisconsin politics. For Republicans, it's a do-or-die moment. If the Democrats can flip three seats in the Senate, the GOP.... more

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As the biggest political recall in Wisconsin history takes shape, there is one question about the integrity of our political process every citizen in the state should be asking, but especially those who have... more

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Republicans have lashed out at the state Government Accountability Board (GAB) for playing politics with the planned recall elections. Last week, the GAB asked a judge to certify recall elections for six Republicans while asking for more t... more

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As I write this, the Government Accountability Board (GAB) is asking a circuit court judge to call elections for six senators on July 12 and extend their deadline for certifying signatures for three more recall petitions. The GAB has.. more

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The name doesn't say it all. Smoothielicious (9201 W. Center St.) does serve 10 varieties of fruit smoothies, plus an "energy smoothie" and a "dessert smoothie" ($3.25-$6.50). For a dollar more, you can add one of several "enha,Di more

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The Lakefront Festival of Arts returns for its 47th year through 5 p.m. Sunday evening. The event will showcase 172 artists from around the country on the grounds between the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Lake Michigan shoreline. Take the op... more

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