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Whether you like Scott Walker or not, you have to concede that he has gotten farther than any Wisconsin politician in recent history in the Republican presidential nominating process. The explanation for his success lies in the fact that he... Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker’s state campaign committee took in a huge haul this year—$5.9 million, a massive sum for a politician who isn’t up for re-election until 2018. Read more

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When Gov. Scott Walker released his 2015-2017 state budget in February, he had hoped to have the state Legislature sign off on it early so that he could spend all of his time campaigning in other states as a Republican presidential contende... Read more

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It’s now obvious Walker’s spectacular failure at job creation in Wisconsin wasn’t simply the result of incompetence, but the consequence of a politically corrupt jobs agency intentionally funneling money to large corporate donors instead of... Read more

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With little warning and short, sharp debate, the 12 Republican members of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee (JFC) easily prevailed over their four Democratic colleagues in passing sweeping changes to K-12 public education, includin... Read more

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While Gov. Scott Walker has been busy elsewhere in the country or around the world, we have seen major proposal after major proposal disappear from his budget or be called into question by his own party. For a while, legislative Republicans... Read more

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Last week the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) handed Gov. Scott Walker another report for his failure files. The nonpartisan, independent LAB found that Walker’s allegedly job-creating Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is sti... Read more

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Facing a deficit going into the two-year budget cycle that begins in July, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed slashing funding for the University of Wisconsin System, public K-12 education and other vital programs. But Walker doesn’t have to ma... Read more

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio got it right when he said, “I’m not saying Scott Walker set out to destroy Wisconsin’s middle class. But if that were his mission, I can’t think of a damn thing he’d done differently.” Walker has ruined Wisc... Read more

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Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette University Law School poll, found Walker’s statewide job approval had dropped to 41% with 56% of voters disapproving. It was the governor’s lowest approval rating since Franklin began polling in J... Read more

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Most Wisconsinites know that Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial Act 10 increased the amount of wages that public employees must contribute to their health insurance and pensions. But Act 10 also radically altered protections for public emplo... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been fighting the Affordable Care Act at every turn. Walker decided not to implement a state-based insurance exchange under the law, opted out of expanding BadgerCare with 100% federal funds and hasn’t gotten... Read more

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Madison-based bankruptcy attorney James C. Murray testified in support of a pending right-to-work bill in the Wisconsin Legislature, saying that the states with right to work have lower incomes and high rates of personal bankruptcy. Read more

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That should be an easy question to answer. Right? The executiveresidence in Maple Bluff, in suburban Madison. Or maybe not. He’s got a homein Wauwatosa, which he bought when he was Milwaukee County executive. Aquick check of his voting re.. Read more

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It was no surprise that when Gov. Scott Walker unveiled his proposed two-year budget last week he included massive cuts to public education. The Wisconsin governor famously slashed $1.1 billion from public schools in his first budget, along... Read more

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It’s a glaring exposure of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s true character that he went out of his way to intentionally trash the high-minded principles enshrined in the so-called Wisconsin Idea that has built the University of Wisconsin Syste... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to cut $300 million from the University of Wisconsin System, historic cuts that dwarf any previously made. UW-Milwaukee will likely lose $40 million over the next two years, equal to the budget for the Luba... Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker is proposing to cut $300 million from the University of Wisconsin System at a time when a college diploma is necessary to launch a career. Walker is likely running for president and is trying to attract right-wing Republic... Read more

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As Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker campaigns for the presidential nomination in 2016 his current biennial budget faces a $283 million deficit and the next two-year budget faces a $2.2 billion structural deficit. Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to drug test recipients of Medicaid, food stamps and unemployment insurance isn’t legal and is a cruel publicity stunt to attract conservative voters in the Republican primary for president. Read more

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