The epic partisan battle for the Wisconsin Legislature is now coming down to an 834-vote difference in the 72,000 votes cast in the 21st Senate District in Racine County. Although a canvass confirmed... more

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The state Government Accountability Board (GAB) has set the ground rules for the statewide recount of the race for state Supreme Court, which is scheduled to be completed by May 9. The recount will be conducted by the counties, which must ... more

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If you're a supporter of Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg and you're hoping that a recount could possibly turn up enough votes to secure her a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, brace yourself. According to one recount.. more

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The Crystal Method’s debut album, 1997’s Vegas, made an impression among both longtime electronic-music junkies and newbies alike, even capturing the hearts of die-hard rock ’n’ roll fans. Featuring the sounds of a Clavia No,This W more

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In a sly little bit of scene-setting, walk into the Marcus Center’s Vogel Hall and you’ll instantly smell hair product. That’s because Vogel Hall’s current play, Shear Madness, a comic whodunit loaded with physical comedy, i,Today more

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