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Last fall, the voters of Wisconsin overwhelmingly supported the legalization of marijuana. Sign this petition from the Wisconsin Justice Initiative to urge Gov. Tony Evers to lead Wisconsin forward on this important issue. Read more


The door is open to the legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin with two major votes: 18 advisory referenda and the gubernatorial election, both on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Read more

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The STATES Act would not only revive our Founding Fathers’ view of how states should manage their own affairs but also remind us that individualism, populism and personal liberty still matter. Read more

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Wisconsin has fallen behind other states in revising antiquated laws that turn minor possession of marijuana into a felony. In Milwaukee County, those laws seem to be enforced more stringently against African American males. Read more

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Although the City of Milwaukee seems to be moving toward a more permissive view of personal marijuana use, state law hasn’t changed. Read more

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