Red Dot

From the raucous to the laid-back, here is what you should be doing this St. Patrick's Day. Read more

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Ruthie answers questions from readers regarding the etiquette of sharing a bathroom. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Ruthie answers questions from fitness enthusiast readers. Exciting upcoming events include: screenings of Tom of Finland in Chicago beginning Jan. 5; ARCW’s Jolly Holly Folly, Jan. 7; and pole dancing classes for voluptuous women beginning Jan. 9. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Their influences may be familiar, but the Mike Benign Compulsion pack their latest album with surprises. Read more

Local Music

Rx Drugs play a belated release show, FM 102.1 hosts its Big Snow Show and Radio Milwaukee celebrates the best Milwaukee music of the year. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Milwaukee escapes its post-election hangover with concerts from The Good Life, Band of Horses, Martin Lawrence and NOFX. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Photo by Melanie Lukesh Reed, Flickr CCRed Dot on Bartlett Ave. in Milwaukee is introducing a newmenu. Chef Chris McCann, who's been with RedDot since July 2015, says it was time for a menu change and explains thatthe new menu is a better refle.. Read more

Brew City Booze

One of the newer restaurants to enter the burgeoning East Tosa food district is Red Dot (6715 W. North Ave.). Last fall Red Dot took over the space formerly occupied by short-lived Sherbrooke Restaurant and Shepherd’s before that. Red Dot o... Read more

Dining Preview

Playwright Fly Steffens’ work acted as a theatrical suture between summer and autumn this month. Her shorts program Love Is A Horse With A Broken Leg Trying To Stand While 45,000 People Watch asserted itself on the back patio of the East Si... Read more


Zeitgeists are difficult things to catch, so it takes a bit of hubris for John Legend to update a selection of socially conscious, era-defining funk and soul numbers from the ’60s and ’70s with a few MCs and a dose of neo-soul sheen and exp... Read more

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