Eight-million refugees fled as German armies pushed into France in 1940, many on foot and some hitching cars behind horses to save gas. Come What May, an artfully filmed dramatization by French director Christian Carion Read more

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A broad cross sectionof Milwaukee gathered last night to support immigrants and refugees who arebeing threatened by President Donald Trump. The event, called Unity forHuman Dignity (#U4HD), was a powerful reminder of how much the world needs .. Read more

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Take some time out tonight tosupport our immigrants and refugees who are under attack by the president. Abroad coalition of advocacy groups is organizing a powerful event, “MilwaukeeGathers in Unity for Human Dignity,” on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at.. Read more

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“The basis for all fear is ignorance. And ignorance promotes hatred. And hatred promotes violence.” Read more

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Republican presidents don’t like being told they’re breaking the law, especially when they are. Read more

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The Trump resistance movement will continue with an inauguration protest to be held on Friday, Jan. 20, at 5 p.m. in Red Arrow Park in Downtown Milwaukee, which is organized by the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump. Read more

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U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin is in the middle of her first term in the Senate, where she’s taken a hands-on approach to tackling some of the biggest issues in the state. Recently and very visibly, she’s been focusing on improving rail safety ... Read more

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In and amidst all of the other problems that we are facing on this planet, the U.N. reports that about 60 million people currently living in the world have been displaced by war. 60 million. That’s bigger than the total population of Wisco.. Read more


Bob Heffernan noticed as a landlord that many of his Burmese refugee tenants were largely isolated from the larger Milwaukee community, the children’s school grades were woefully Read more


If you rely on the corporate media for your understanding of our world, you’re not getting the whole story. Here are the top underreported stories, according to the editors of Project Censored. For the full report, go to www.projectcensored... Read more

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Paul W. S. Anderson writes and frequently directs his wife, Milla Jovovich, who stars in the pair's moneymaking franchise for a fourth time. The actress plays Alice, a heroine owing her super strength to the Umbrella Corporation's T-virus. ... Read more

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The Haggerty Museum’s “The Black Panthers: Making Sense of History” exhibit presents more than 40 prints from the 1960s and ’70s by award-winning photographer Stephen Shames. Shames, at the time enrolled as a student at the Read more

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