On the Couch answers the question: What can be done to fix a situation where only one member of a romantic relationship is still interested in sex? more

Jan 16, 2018 1:10 PM On the Couch

Romance and alcohol love each other very much. The two make a dramatic appearance onstage together this month as Bard & Bourbon presents Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Romeo & Juliet. The group performs a fully-rendered production of the clas.. more

May 13, 2016 11:00 AM Theater

This time on the Sexpress Podcast, Liz and Tyler answer a listener's question about asking out an older woman at work. If you'd like to hear your question answered on a subsequent episode, leave it in the comments below, or send it to sexpres.. more

Jan 19, 2016 8:43 PM , Sexpress

This time on the Sexpress Podcast- Liz and Tyler answer a listener's question about how he should proceed with a friendship that he wants to become something more.  Can't get enough Sexpress?  Listen to past episodes here.Want to have your qu.. more

Oct 12, 2015 2:43 PM , Sexpress

This week in the Sexpress Podcast: Answering a listener's question about how to get back in the saddle after a traumatic experience. To hear your questions answered on a subsequent episode, send them to more

Sep 16, 2015 3:57 PM , Sexpress

This time on the Sexpress Podcast: Answering a listener's question about their girlfriend's "number," and whether or not he has the right to be upset.  Want to see your question answered on a subsequent episode? Create a free account and ask .. more

Aug 26, 2015 8:09 PM , Sexpress

This time on the Sexpress Podcast- Advice on how to maintain a long distance relationship, and whether to drop a martial arts night class.  Plus, figure out why Liz says "I'm gonna give the worst advice ever."  Want to have one of your relation.. more

Aug 5, 2015 4:03 PM , Sexpress

This week on the Sexpress Podcast: Answering a listener's question about differences in taste, and how to manage a struggling marriage.To hear your question answered on a future episode, send it to, or in the comment sect.. more

Jul 22, 2015 4:24 PM , Sexpress

This time on the Sexpress podcast: Dating a girl who still hangs out with her exes, and the red flags of an unstable potential mother in-law.Also: A very good Ray Romano impression. Do you have a question for Tyler and Liz? Submit it in the c.. more

Jul 10, 2015 7:06 PM , Sexpress

This time on the Sexpress- He Said She Said Podcast: Liz and Tyler talk secret porn blogs, commitmentphobes, and what to do when "just keeping it casual" takes a turn towards relationship town. Do you want to hear your relationship question .. more

Jun 26, 2015 7:56 PM , Sexpress

Liz and Tyler answer a listener's question about how to make his wedding night special, and one of the worst bad date stories you've ever heard from local comedian Greg Bach.Want to hear your question answered on a future episode? Send it to .. more

Apr 14, 2015 2:39 PM , Sexpress

In the third installment of the Sexpress: He Said / She Said Podcast, Liz and Tyler tackle a listener's question about tricky parenting boundaries.Also, in a new segment, they welcome special guest Allison Dunne who shares a doozy of a bad date.. more

Mar 24, 2015 6:10 PM , Sexpress

In the second installment of Sexpress: He Said/She Said, Tyler and Liz field a question from a listener about a potential suitor who is all texts and no action, and coin the term "spampire."Got any dating conundrums? Does your boyfriend have m.. more

Mar 12, 2015 3:45 PM , Sexpress

aziz ansari riverside theater 2014.jpg.jpe

Photo Credit: Adam Miszewski

For the better part of two decades, stand-up comedy was ruled by outsiders. Immersed in the alternative culture of the time, the coolest comics of the ’90s and ’00 were schlubs, intellectuals an,Comedy more

May 20, 2014 9:00 AM Comedy

<p> The free Summer Soulstice Music Festival on North Avenue has announced the music lineup for its June 18th event. In years past the event has featured touring headliners including the Von Bondies, Local H and (curiously) Sponge, but this year\'.. more

Mar 29, 2012 1:00 PM On Music

People often come to the store to ask how they can find others with like sexual interests. Folks are most commonly seeking kink or BDSM communities (which I've written about in previous columns), but occasionally are in search of more "vani... more

Mar 31, 2011 12:00 AM Sexpress

Through Oct. 31, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre stages Main-Travelled Roads , a musical based on Hamlin Garland’s stories about rural farm life in late-19th-century Wisconsin, at the Broadway Theatre Center. The deep family tradition of more

Oct 29, 2010 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Rep produces the U.S. premiere of Laurel and Hardy , Tom McGrath’s tribute to the comedy team from the Golden Age of cinema. McGrath’s script envisions a meeting between Laurel and Hardy in the afterlife. more

Oct 6, 2010 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee

Our city’s “Eat Local Challenge” (through Sept. 14; encourages Milwaukeeans to reflect on what we consume and where it comes from as a way to inspire us to eat healthy and live lightly. Stepping outside of th more

Sep 8, 2010 12:00 AM Books

Whereas “reality” entertainment often relies on a carefully planned series of falsehoods, artistic realism uses the natural beauty and emotion of our surroundings to depict life.Unaltered human beauty is on display in the Portrait Societ... more

Aug 31, 2010 12:00 AM Visual Arts