Italian legal scholar and classicist Aldo Schiavone analyzes the Gospel accounts and combs secular sources to compose a sketch of the Roman governor and a fuller picture of what may have happened in the week before the first Easter. more


Wisconsinites are getting published in a variety of book genres. From fiction to memoirs to poetry, local authors are sharing their talent, ideas and experiences in enjoyable, thought-provoking way,Books more


You’ve seen Nunsense. Of course you’ve seen Nunsense. But have you seen... a high school production of Nunsense? The remarkably well-funded Pius XI theatre department will be staging a production of the popular musical comedy.The clever bit about .. more


Humor and religion may not seem synonymous, especially these days, but theologian Daniel Maguire merges the two in his funny and contemplative new book A Merry Memoir of Sex, Death, and Religion. This enlightening memoir more


In some polls, nearly half of all Americans believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old and was once entirely covered by Noah’s flood, which left behind the mountain ranges and canyons that constitute the topography of our world. more


Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan got busted last week when he and his family spent a few moments in an empty soup kitchen washing clean pots and pans for a staged photo-op in Ohio—according to reports... more

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 In his first film since There Will Be Blood, director Paul Thomas Anderson explores a challenging subject...,Film more

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It's been obvious for some time now that Republicans have no use for people of hues darker than pink... more

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Kathryn Lofton grew up walking Milwaukee's East Side with her sister, each sporting a Walkman. “She had cool music like Joy Division,” Lofton says. “I had Steve Winwood's 'Higher Love.'” Now, after the publication of Lofton's lauded..... more

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On May 11, thrill writer Andrew Grant’s newest release, Die Twice, will hit the stands and the author himself will make a Milwaukee appearance at Mystery One Bookshop. Die Twice, Grant’s second publication, is already being heralded as an a... more


Referring to themselves as The Artists Formerly Known As Milwaukee Shakespeare (and really, who doesn’t enjoy an early-to-mid-‘90’s Prince reference?) a group of actors under the direction of Paula Suozzi will be performing a staged reading of Oth.. more


GeorgeRay McCormick, Sr. has been on earth for 65 years. Apparently it gave him agoodly From the Darkness to the Light, ,Art more

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Sundance Film Festival Park City Utah - Day 7 Only at a film festival can you have one of your best experiences watching 12 year-old children, and younger, in prison. Seriously. Looking closely at children locked up inside an unnamed Russian.. more

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Mad Planet, 9 p.m. Perhaps no Milwaukee band better conjures the sloppy indie-rock sounds Shepherd Express ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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