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In Remember, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor with dementia, Zev (Christopher Plummer) is sent on a mission by his non-ambulatory friend, Max (Martin Landau). The plan is for Zev to kill an equally aged Auschwitz guard who had evaded justic... Read more

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It is a stubborn prejudice that art and industry stand inirreconcilable opposition. But the success and staying-power of Kohler Co.’sArts/Industry program evidences a dissatisfaction with their strict separationand an insistence that they be su.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Rep returns to its annual short play program for interns this coming March.Here's a quick list of what to expect on Rep Lab this year:" 27 Ways I Didn’t Say “Hi” to Laurence Fishburne by Jonathan JosephsonDirected by Artist.. Read more


Releasing a cover tunes album can be a way for a performer to tread water or an opportunity to reflect on the influences that shaped him. Willie Nelson's Remember Me is the later. A collection of familiar country songs from the 1940s throug... Read more

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Green Zone depicts the American occupation of Saddam Hussein's luxurious Baghdad palace during the early days of the Iraq war. From their cloistered position, those known as the Coalition Provisional Authority, are out of touch with the Ira... Read more

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Only nine years have passed, yet the summer of 2001 seems so far away when viewed across the rubble of 911 and all that followed. One is tempted, if only for a moment, to remember those days through the sunny haze of nostalgia as innocent t... Read more

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"Remember Me" hits theaters on Friday, March 12 and the Shepherd Express is hooking you up with a chance to win passes to the movie screening. Remember Me is a drama centered on two lovers whose newfound relationship isthreatened as they t... Read more

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