Chicago’s second album, Chicago II (1970) has been reissued in a sterling new remix that puts in sharp relief their conservatory perfect, brass-woodwind arrangements. Read more

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The Milwaukee electronic duo Kiings have spent much of the last year working on original material, with sights on releasing a full-length album soon, but they haven't forgotten their roots as remix artists. Their latest track is a reworking of Jam.. Read more

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Every so often a rapper surprises me. Who knew Klassik even listened to Young Thug? Specializing in cleanly produced jazz-inflicted hip-hop, the posh Milwaukee rapper is the temperamental opposite of Atlanta's manic, syrup-addled wildcard, but eve.. Read more

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Anybody who purchased the debut from the Brooklyn indie-rock ensemble San Fermin on the strength of their live show must have been a little disappointed to discover the group's most commanding presence wasn't even featured on that record. Singers .. Read more

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The Milwaukee production duo Kiings made a splash early this year with Warehouses Possessed by the City, an ambitious remix project framed around Wisconsin musicians, but lately they've been trying their hand at original material. This summer they.. Read more

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Looking for another Volcano Choir fix after this weekend's rapturously received show? This might help. The band has selected the dreamy electro-soul track "Comrade" as the second single from their magnificent new album Repave , and in conjunction .. Read more

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You may have seen Rachael Thomas Carlson in a three-piece suit and bow tie, lugging a heavy guitar case across the UW-Milwaukee campus or waiting with it at a bus stop. In that get-up Thomas resembles a country player from the Carter Family... Read more

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The surprising thing about Valleys of Neptune is that it took more than 40 years for this collection of 1969 Jimi Hendrix recordings to surface. Some songs—“Stone Free,” “Fire” and “Red House”—aren’t n Read more

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Thirst and Vine recently opened its doors in Shorewood at the site of the former Jean Pierre (4330 N. Oakland Ave.). Thirst and Vine combines a retail wine shop with a café. The small menu consists of soups, salads, panini and a few entrees... Read more

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I am a female in my 20s who has a boyfriend close to my age. We have been together three years. I am able to have multiple orgasms with a vibrator (a plug-in style) that I use on myself, but I have never been able to give myself an orgasm w... Read more


As part of its ongoing Thursday Conservatory Nights series, Helen Bader Hall evokes the early 1900s tonight, hosting a candle-lit, cabaret-styled performance from the Florentine Opera Studio. The company will be revisiting popular European ... Read more

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This is me giving credit where credit is due: After a lengthy history of creating cynical new ways to milk money from fans, Radiohead is toning down some of their exploits. In April, the group launched a greedy contest (really just a thinly vei.. Read more

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A chefwithouttools is no chef at all, but merely a cave man who discovered theadvantage Marc Bianchini, head chef: Osteria del Mondo ,Eat/Drink Read more

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