Regretfully, 20 years after its premiere, Jonathan Larson’s Rent is still very relevant to our lives and culture. Read more


“Rent 20th Anniversary Tour” makes a welcome stop at Milwaukee’s Marcus Center Oct. 3-8; key members of Rent’s original creative team have reunited for this national tour. Read more


Carroll University’s Summer Rep Series 2015 features a pair of productions set in New York. The series opens tonight with the opening of Jonathan Larson’s classic rock musical RENT. The pop musical from the last decade of last century is almos.. Read more


Ruthie answers a question from a reader concerned about a girlfriend’s attachment to a stuffed animal, and plugs exciting events including “Beauty in Bloom” at Milwaukee Art Museum (March 26-29), Rent at In Tandem Theatre (March 27-April... Read more

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Giant Spider Productions, LLC / Via Facebook

UPDATE: Giant Spider Productions has announced that the Bloomin' Talent Event at ComedySportz has been canceled. Here's the announcement:Due to unforeseen circumstances and scheduling conflicts, we unfortunately must announce that The Bloomin’ Tal.. Read more



Courtesy of Kalliope Vocal Arts

Kalliope Vocal Arts will be staging a production of RENT that will be staged at the end of next month. I’ve seen a number of productions of the show over the years. (Something like three or four different productions over the past fifteen years or.. Read more



Photo by Aaron Kopec

“ In 2008, one year after opening, The Alchemist was voted best theatre in Milwaukee. We’re reapplying for the job. Read more



Nothing puts a song in perspective like hearing somebody else cover it. It’s hard to overstate how much that simple act of reinterpretation turns a song into something bigger than itself, but that’s something that too many artists in Milwaukee’s i.. Read more

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2014 was a good year for Alejandro Jodorowsky. The Chilean-born filmmaker was thesubject of a fascinating documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune , focused on thesky-high ambition and abysmal failure behind the director’s aborted ‘70s-erafilm based on F.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Backin the ‘80s, Tim Hunter was the go-to auteur of alienated youth. His 1986 film River’s Edge , out now on Blu-ray, was a low-budget exploration of dead-end kidsin a nowhere town. It was Rebel Without a Cause for the Reagan era, a coming ofa.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Few genres have evolved less over the last couple of decades than shoegaze. Since the early ’90s the genre has remained frozen like a paused VHS screen, flickering but never progressing, contently drinking up a moment in time. Like most shoegaze a.. Read more

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Roy Staab's blog

It's always gratifying to see a local boy make good. So much the betterwhen this success takes the form “local boy becomes an internationallyrecognized artist.” Such is the case with Roy Staab. Over the course longcareer, Staab has dabbled i.. Read more

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The DelafieldArt Center is making the most of what remains of 2014. For one, the nonprofitorganization recently moved shop to 719 Genesse St. and is cordially invitingyou to visit their new space for a holiday open house on December 6. From11:.. Read more

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Photo from Alice Austen

The Kickstarter campaign for Give Me Liberty, an indie movie set to be filmed in Milwaukee this winter, got off the a rolling start. After just eleven days, screenwriter Alice Austen reported that the project was 64% funded.“We are going pre-pro.. Read more

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Last month the Milwaukee Brewers announced that the team would host three post-game concerts in 2015 without announcing the lineup, prompting plenty of speculation on Twitter about who those performers might be. My predictions were Cheap Trick, Sm.. Read more

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Within a 10-year span, Giacomo Puccini composed three of the most popular operas ever written, Madama Butterfly, Tosca and the even more captivating La Bohème Read more

A&E Feature

At the urging of leaders in criminal justice and law enforcement throughout the state, Gov. Scott Walker vetoed a Republican attempt to return sleazy bail bondsmen and Read more

Taking Liberties

This hasn't been an easy budget season for progressive Wisconsinites who care about protecting the state's safety net, improving public education and ensuring that Read more

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Hope Tutoring Services (7607 W. Townsend #103) held its first after-school and summer program sessions during the 2009-2010 school year and has been expanding Read more