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It’s time for the Wisconsin GOP to get onboard with prison reform. Read more

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Trump immediately demonstrated just how ugly the remainder of his presidency will be after subservient Senate Republicans “exonerated” him for his corrupt, unconstitutional actions in a sham impeachment “trial.” Read more

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The governor ran on a promise to legalize medical marijuana and to put recreational marijuana to vote through a statewide referendum. Clearly, this didn’t work out quite as he had hoped. Read more

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House Democrats of President Trump’s impeachment trial presented a clear description of how Trump’s illegal refusal to provide military assistance to Ukraine benefitted Russia. Read more

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Trump’s hate rally merely serves as a reminder that a lot of snarling white voters among us are still attracted to his openly racist appeals. Sadly, we already know that. Read more

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Winning elections used to depend on making widespread, popular appeals to attract as many voters as possible; but for Republicans, winning depends on using tricks to prevent those who oppose them ever voting at all. Read more

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Wisconsin’s tween year of 2019 is over; next year—with its momentous political events and elections—will determine whether we all can peacefully coexist. Read more

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One of the most significant events of Donald Trump’s presidency occurred just two days after his inauguration and seemed trivial at the time. Read more

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Two more school shooting incidents in our state unleashed a surge of reports about additional threats of gun violence at schools in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, West Bend, Germantown and Sparta. Read more

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Nothing will change until Republican voters start abandoning Trump and the Republican senators who support him. Read more

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Congress has started the ‘War on the War on Drugs’ by approving the MORE Act in a key House committee vote. Read more

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This month’s state elections in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia are worth noting for people who care about marijuana reform. Read more

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People in both Wisconsin and Oklahoma have expressed strong support for reform and decarceration, but it seems Wisconsin’s political structures have become less responsive to the will of the people. Read more

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If an aggressive anti-protest bill that is making its way through the Republican-controlled Legislature becomes law in Wisconsin, you could be criminally charged for exercising your rights to freedom of speech. Read more

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Two major off-year state elections—one in Virginia and the other in Kentucky—should have made the blood of Wisconsin Republicans run cold heading into the 2020 elections. Read more

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With a recent lead testing scandal still festering, Milwaukee officials are again looking to use the city budget to curtail the threat posed by lead water pipes and flaking paint throughout the city. Read more

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What Republicans keep forgetting is that elected officials never really have the last word, the voters do, and the impeachment investigation is already shifting public opinion toward impeachment. Read more

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Anti-Trump conservatives like George Will are suggesting that even with a diverse field of candidates, the Democrats might need some new ones. Read more

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As LGBTQ History Month wanes, let’s reflect on 2019’s events that have become part of our history; it’s a mix of good and bad, of course. Read more



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Donald Trump isn’t going to make it easy for Republicans to ignore all the evidence and exonerate their party’s president in a Senate impeachment trial. Read more

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