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Close your eyes. Picture an enormous enclosed soccer field. Now imagine the players are rocket powered cars. This is Rocket League.Silly? Most certainly. Stupid? To a degree. But Rocket League’s bombastic rendition of the world’s most popular spor.. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode One is the 22nd entry into the Resident Evil franchise, the sequel to the Revelations side story and the first of four episodes. Confused? If so, just know that Episode One is a fantastic start to the Revelatio.. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

No one goes to Summerfest just to eat. That's what StateFair is for. But after eight hours of rockin' out, you're going to need alittle something to get you through those 10 p.m. headliners. I tried asmattering of offerings so you don't have to.. Read more

Happening Now

It's already mid-December. This means many things to many people. For some of us, think back on the recent past and realize that it's already been 30 years since 1983. Granted, I was in grade school back then . . . but it's really been 30 years s.. Read more


This Week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly crosstalk with station promotions director Ryan Schleicher, A.V. Club Milwaukee editor Matt Wild and I, we examine the state of critics. Newspapers around the globe (including one close to home) have scal.. Read more

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Every family has a history worth chronicling, and John Schissler Jr., a self-published author and retired Milwaukee Public Schools teacher, has spent decades researching his clan's narrative during and after World War II, culminating in the... Read more


Theodore Roosevelt, the columnist Walter Lippmann wrote, was the only president in American history “who could truthfully be described as lovable.” He was our nation’s 26th president, there have been 18 more since then, and Lippmann&rsqu Read more


We’re still feeling the effects of the intense storm of July 22-23, when many neighborhoods and homes were flooded by up to 9 inches of rain in a very short span of time.Since the storm, many myths have circulated about what happened, what ... Read more

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Hue served as the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945, and later saw fierce fighting during the Vietnam War. Today, however, this beautiful city owns a reputation for serving some of the nation’s best food. Hue (pronounced Hway) is also th... Read more

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On Sunday, June 27, Sheboygan’s John Michael Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC) presents “A Celebration of Humor,” an event that kicks off its summer series titled “A Sense of Humor.” More than 20 artists provide provocative, satiric Read more

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The name Joe Jack Talcum might not ring many bells for casual punk fans, but the name Joe Genaro might. Genaro, who has been self-releasing cassettes and albums under the Joe Jack Talcum nom de plum for years, was the founding guitarist and... Read more

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One cast performs two one-act musicals in Skylight Opera Theatre’s production of A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine . The show opens as a celebration of classic Hollywood musicals, then gives way to a second act inspired by Anton Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Stonefly Brewery’s lineup Friday night brought to mind the old “Seasame Street” segment “One of These Things is Not Like the Other.” Headlining was Crappy Dracula, a Milwaukee lo-fi punk three-piece, joined by Plexi 3, a Milw Read more

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And despite its spotty track record in otherstates—where former students have filed Washington Monthly ,News Features Read more

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When a movie gets adapted into a stage musical, which is then turned into a musical movie, (The Producers, Hairspray, etc.) it kind of feels like the entertainment industry is eating itselflike big money is playing it so safe with its ideas that t.. Read more


Now I'm not saying I dislike the Dirty Projectors' lauded new album Bitte Orca. But I will say that halfway through the album, the group's chirping, incessant backing singers hit a note so shrill that I literally ripped off my headphones on impuls.. Read more

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As I write this, I am waiting for Michael A. Weber to show-up. I’ll be interviewing him for a preview column on Alchemist's upcoming production of Sexual Perversity in Chicago. He’s directing the show. The play was, of course, written by legendar.. Read more


Recently, a Hollywood executive stated, “Anything that can’t be sold as a genre film or wasn’t conceived as a franchise is dead.” From the standpoint of an industry driven entirely by unrealistic projections of profit, with no concern about art, .. Read more

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