Fourth time's a charm for Milwaukee's Revolush. Stagefright mines the rarefied terrain where classic rock meets power pop without sounding overly concerned about paying homage to The Beatles. The group sounds closer Read more

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More than 180 artists will display their works to tens of thousands of visitors at this year's Lakefront Festival of Arts, which raises funds for the Milwaukee Art Museum. Attendees may purchase much of the art on display, which includes..... Read more

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Because Jane has recently fallen into bed with her ex, Jane's goodfriends, played by Rita Wilson, Mary Kay Place, Alexandra Wentworth and Nora Dunn, dowhat good friends do. They rationalize on Jane's behalf. "He was yoursfirst," one frie,F... Read more

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Ed Werner on SportsCenter was talking about Favre looking into surgery for a torn biceps muscle and said that Favre didn't want to do the surgery because he didn't want to go through the 3-6 weeks of rehab. 3-6 weeks!!!! That's a long time, you kn.. Read more

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Few Milwaukee bands are more proudly stuck in the past than Revolush, a group transfixed b Arrivals ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Shepherd-Express Cover Story ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Gambit is summarizing the namesake for his 12member rap group, the Marvel Comics crossov House of M. ,Music Feature Read more

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   Michael Gotch walks humbly onto the stage in full, modest costume to a set of I Am My Own Wife. ,Theater Read more


Abrushstrokeof translucen stop the music. ,Art Read more

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December 06, 2007 While some Cowboy junkies watched their Dallas football team beat t BeadStyle ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Finally, an article about the need todevelop public transportation along withrebuilding Abominations ,Letters Read more

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